What Is It

Komossa Beteiligungen summarizes my activities as a shareholder in
mid-sized companies.

I am a direct shareholder of the respective companies;
Komossa Beteiligungen is no legal entity.

Dr. Dietrich Komossa
Malkastenstrasse 5
40211 Düsseldorf, Germany
+49 211 16 10 00

What I Did So Far

  • High School Degree in the US, Abitur in Bochum.
  • Apprenticeship (Sales) at Kaufhof AG.
  • Simultaneously, Studies in Business Administration in Cologne and Muenster.
  • Focus on Marketing and Statistics.
  • Masters Degree in Business Administration (Diplom-Kaufmann) and
    PhD (Dr. rer. pol.), both in Muenster.
  • Sales Manager, then Head of the Dusseldorf branch,
    DAL Deutsche Anlagen-Leasing GmbH, Mainz.
  • Started a Management Consulting Company focussing on
    Financing, Business Development, Advisory for Owner-Managers.

What Potential Target Companies Should Look Like

I am interested in companies that fit the following criteria

  • they provide sophisticated products or services,
  • they are active in niche markets with attractive growth prospects,
  • they are market leaders at least on a national scale or can get there,
  • they are led by capable and honest managers,
  • they have above average returns, and
  • they are likely to get better via my contributions.

What I Can Contribute to the Companies’ Success

Two clear preconditions:

  • I need to understand the business and feel at home in the respective industry.
  • There has to be a trust-based and open relationship with the manager and the main employees that lends itself to a constructive dialogue.

I see myself as a sparring partner for the management.
Especially for topics that reach beyond the day-to-day business.

As an external observer I can add both competence and the experience of many years in business.

My advice is given as a shareholder, not as a paid consultant.

My Fundamental Beliefs about Long-term Success

I am absolutely convinced about the following conditions for long-term success of companies:

  • they need to have a stable economic basis,
  • only if they are free from concerns about day-to-day liquidity can they focus on the really important decisions,
  • employees, customers, suppliers, and all other partners need to be treated with respect and fairness,
  • they will have achieved a lot, if their employees are proud to work there,
  • they must never stop innovating,
  • they need to strive for above average returns; not for the sake of greedy shareholders, but for keeping a leading position and strengthening it further.

Which Companies are Eligible

Business model, current state and prospects have to be stable under thorough scrutiny.

Actual revenues or financing needs are only secondary criteria.

Minimum annual revenues of ten million Euros need to be achievable in the foreseeable future.

The managing director needs to hold a significant share of the company.

Capable managers are a scarce resource, as opposed to money.

Who are the Buyers/Shareholders

I buy companies together with partners.

For a promising target I can find the right co-shareholders.

My personal participation – also financial – is taken as a positive signal.

As far as possible, I do not leverage my shareholdings to stay independent.

I prefer personal investors over institutional ones.